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Elektroterminė pavara neveikiant - uždara grindininiam šildymui TA HYDRONICS EMOtec; M30x1,5; ON/OFF (230V; Kabelio ilgis 0,6m)

Prekės kodas: 1807-00500
27,89 €
Detalesnės informacijos ir kainos teirautis:
tel. +370 698 12874
Siųsti užklausą CELSIS
Prekinis ženklas TA HYDRONICS
Prekė Elektroterminė pavara
Gamintojo gaminio kodas 1807-00.500
Tipas Neveikiant - uždara
Paskirtis Grindininiam šildymui
Serija EMOtec
Reguliavimo ribos, °C ON/OFF
Papildoma informacija Kabelio ilgis 0,6 m
Įtampa, V 230
Sriegio diametras M30 x 1,5

Produkto informacija

Thermal actuator for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems

The EMOtec thermal actuator with position indicator (NC) can be installed in temperature and/or timerelated 2-point control systems.

Technical description

The EMOtec thermal actuator is a twopoint actuator for connection to a temperature controller with two-point output, e.g. HEIMEIER room Thermostat P or Radiocontrol F-System for floor heating.

The actuator NC is equipped with a position indicator on the top (valve closed / valve open).

Models with 230 V (with built-in overvoltage protection 2.5 kV) and 24 V operating voltages, each NC or NO.

EMOtec has an electrically heated expansion system which is secured against overtravel.

The positioning force within the close range is adapted to thermostatic valve bodies with soft valve discs.

It is maintenance free and functions without noise.

Depending on the model, in a currentless status, EMOtec holds the valve closed (NC model) or open (NO model).

The body is designed in a white RAL 9016, heat-resistant, shock-proof plastic.

The EMOtec is designed to be installed on all HEIMEIER thermostatic valve bodies and three-way valves. Adapters enable the mounting of thermostatic valve bodies of other manufacturers, see accessories.

Its compactness also makes it especially suited to install in manifold cabinets.

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